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Capture Magic

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Sometimes a plain white  background can tell more of a story than anything else. If you are looking to step your project up to the next level come use our Infinity wall.



At EC studios we offer a range of different backdrops including green screen!



Are you a photographer or videographer who needs a space all set up and ready to walk in and use? Hire out our space and get to work ASAP. With full use of equipment, backdrops, lighting, hollywood mirror, kitchen, table tennis table, lounge and more, this space could be for you!

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Sometimes its all about the vibes and feeling of the day. When you come into EC studios you are not just getting the highest quality professional service, but a range of creative and relaxing tools at your desposal. From our kitchen to the lounge space, tabble tennis table and everything in between, come in and feel right at home.

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